New napster/kazaa idea

It just hit me, instead of downloading stuff (movies/clips) why don’t we receive it by regular mail? Oh, you’ll say, “what the heck, you can do that if ur excentric”

No, just imagine, I have a bunch of movies on CDs/DVDs, and I know a friend of mine, A, wants to view/record them, I just pack them in a nice box, and send to him thru regular mail. He will receive them, either view/copy/etc, put inside his stuff also, or prepare 2 or more boxes, label them accordingly, like “This is blue box, contains CDs/DVDs with R’n’B, some concerts and stuff”, This is red box, with action movies. He will also send the boxes to 1/2/3 friends and etc…

Just imagine on day, receiving in your mail the receipt to pick up an box with all mafia movies, Godfather, Good fellas, Scarface, oh boy.

I know…. who will ever want to pay again and again for sending or receiving those, I can think that the one who received stuff should pay, but what if he doesn’t like what he gets, stuff will return..

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