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Statia de metrou de la Universitate e in process de vidanjare

Astazi am trecut prin statia de metrou de la Universitate, statie care pentru cei ce nu o stiu, a fost un amestec de McDonalds, anticariat, mizerie, bar, cafenea, vanzatori ambulanti de nimicuri, afise lipite pe stalpi, mizerie, inghesuiala.

Ei bine, astazi toate constructiile, chichinetzele, magazinasele, toxinfectiile alimentare erau daramate iar niste gardieni publici pazeau lucrarea. Desigur, mizerie, praf, inghesuiala, dar parca un optimism pluteste in aer, o fi aeru schimbarii.

In sfarsit, dupa N ani. Si-a dat Romanul seama ca libertate nu inseamna mizerie / impertinenta  /jecmaneala  /dezgust / WC public?

How to speed up execution of mysql INSERT statements

A very good approach to speed up the execution of an INSERT statement
is to temporarly disable the keys (when executing your query), this
will help MySQL to concetrate on the INSERT and not building indexes at the same
time. Also you should LOCK your tables.

The basic syntax of such a simple operation is listed below:



LOAD DATA INFILE file_name INTO TABLE table_name



Unable to load Selinux Policy. Machine is in enforcing mode

Something that happened to me in the last days, after I’ve removed /etc/selinux 🙂

If you a get and boot error like :
“Unable to load Selinux Policy. Machine is in enforcing mode. Halting now. Kernel Panic!”

Boot with enforcing=0 at the grub boot menu [Edit the boot line to append ‘enforcing=0’].

Then once the system is up, edit /etc/grub.conf to include the appending.